Artist / Principal Investigator
EBRU KURBAK, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Art Sciences and Art Education, University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Extra-Disciplinary Advisors
Dr. LISA KAPPEL, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Microbiology, University of Innsbruck.
Dr. LUKAS MAIRHOFER, Experimental Physicist and Philosopher of Science, Lecturer and Researcher, UAS Technikum Wien.
Doz. Dr. FRANZ EMBACHER, Theoretical Physicist and Mathematician, Head of Competence Center Applied Mathematics and Statistics, UAS Technikum Wien.
MARTIN SCHNEIDER, Research and Teaching Associate, iLAB, University of Applied Sciences in Mainz.
Dr. ONUR AKMEHMET, Economist, Istanbul, Turkey.

Research Network
BARBARA PUTZ-PLECKO, Vice-Rector for Research and Diversity, Chair of the Institute of Art Sciences and Art Education, University of Applied Arts Vienna.
FIONA RABY, Professor of Design and Social Inquiry, Co-Director of the Designed Realities Studio, The New School in New York City.
Dr. JUSSI PARIKKA, Professor in Technological Culture & Aesthetics, Director of AMT (Archaeologies of Media and Technology), Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton.
Dr. ÜMİT HALİS ERDOĞAN, Professor in Textile Sciences, Department of Textiles Engineering, Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir, Turkey.
Dr. FİGEN SELLİ, Postdoctoral Researcher, textile sciences, sustainable textiles, Izmir, Turkey.
Dr. BASAK SENOVA, Curator, Visiting Professor, Department of Art and Communication Practices, University of Applied Arts Vienna.
Dr. MATTHIAS BEITL, Director, The Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art (Volkskundemuseum Wien).

Studio Intern Assistants
SHANNON MCLACHLAN, Prototyping and Production, 2022.
EMILIA PESTY, Erasmus Intern, Open Experimentation, February – May 2022.
ULA REUTINA, Prototyping, Production, and Research, March 2022 – July 2023.
ALBANE KERISIT, Erasmus Intern, Prototyping, Production, and Research, March 2023 – August 2023.